Google is making me retarded says Internet marketing strategist, Brian Clark. Rather than using link text which describes the subject of the content being linked to for purposes of Google juice, I ought to be saying ‘click here.’

‘From a copywriting standpoint,’ Brian says ‘it’s a no brainer

Matching the content of a law firm website or blog to its appropriate audience is the core purpose of law firm SEO, says law firm Internet marketing expert Steve Matthews. And it’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization) that allows law firms and lawyers, via their content, to extend their brand beyond existing clients to reach

Law firms are taken to the cleaners by SEO hucksters every day. Must be rule #1 for ex-yellow page sales people in SEO sales training class to hit up lawyers – they have money, they’re desperate, they don’t know what’s going on and they won’t hold you accountable as they don’t know what SEO consultants

Most people looking for a lawyer in the search engines are smart enough to key in their city, metro or state in addition the type of matter for which they need a lawyer. When someone in Los Angeles looks for an employment lawyer they are not going to key in – employment lawyers – they are going to type in – Los Angeles employment lawyers.

Two things you must keep in mind because of this. One, lawyer Web sites and blogs must be optimized for your locale. This can be by area cities, the metro area and/or your state. This will get your site, when optimized otherwise to appear higher in the organic search results.

Second, search engines are experimenting with local search results that are displayed near the top of the search results page. This means lawyer Web sites and blogs must be optimized by address. It's this second point, I am covering in this post.

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