If you’re a part of the online conversation, you know it’s hard to escape the term “SEO” – search engine optimization.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to appear high in searches for your topic. But how do you do it without sacrificing quality content and productive engagement? Keyword stuffing or trying to outwit the search

I’m coming to believe that social media performance is more important in drawing traffic to your law blog than any search engine optimization (SEO) you may do. Traffic drawn via social media is also better traffic for you.

Two reasons. One, you draw more traffic to your law blog through the effective use of social

LexBlog’s VP of Client Development, Kevin McKeown, asked me this morning how I bring lawyers down from their SEO fixation. Thought I’d share with you what I shot to McKeown.

Lawyers addicted to SEO are like crack cocaine addicts who need to get their fix. Don’t care how, from whom, or at what price.

There’s lawyers who don’t care how they get the next client or case. Whether it comes via an ad above a urinal, a two page spread in the yellow pages, or a referral from someone who thought the lawyer was pretty good, they just don’t care.

In fact some lawyers would rather see their name

Read that in a comment from Ben Glass to a recent post of mine. ‘[T]he ONLY reason, in my view, to blog, have a website, etc. is to get your site positioned well in the search engines.’

That’s nuts. I’m not sure Ben honestly believes that.

If there’s lawyers and legal marketing professionals who honestly

It’s widely accepted by the legal community that legal blogs achieve higher search engine rankings than law firm websites. Some law firms are even finding launching blogs a more cost effective means of achieving an effect Internet presence than hiring SEO experts to increase the rankings of their website.

Julie Batten at The ClickZ Network

Lawyers call me all the time wanting a blog for the sole reason of higher search engine rankings. ‘I don’t care what I have to pay you, I don’t want to learn about blogging, and I don’t have time to write blog posts, I just want to rank higher than my competitors.’

Though law blogs