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New blog dedicated to SEO for law firms : fabulous resource

Tim Stanley, founder of Justia, the leader in search engine optimized Web sites for law firms, has started a blog dedicated to SEO (search engine optimization) and related marketing issues. If you are not a subscriber to this blog, you’re missing the boat.

Tim, the co-founder and former CTO of FindLaw, sits in the heart of Silicon Valley. In addition to being a lawyer, he’s got at least one computer science degree. Not only is the guy brilliant, you will not find a person more dedicated to helping others.

Look at Justia’s free search engine optimized law firm Web sites, the Stanford Copyright and Fair Use Center, the Recall Warnings site containing over 50,000 recalls, the SEO center. Those are all Justia public service and pro bono projects.

The dualopoly of LexisNexis Martindale-Hubbell and Thomson/West/FindLaw have taken hundreds of millions of dollars of law firms marketing dollars each year. However, they deliver nothing close to the free resources being offered by innovative upstarts, like this from Stanley and Justia.

Scary part is that even if the legal marketing dualopoly cared enough to offer helpful resources for law firms, I don’t believe they have anyone who knows enough to offer a resource like this.

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