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5 myths about SEO

December 14, 2006

Law firms are taken to the cleaners by SEO hucksters every day. Must be rule #1 for ex-yellow page sales people in SEO sales training class to hit up lawyers – they have money, they’re desperate, they don’t know what’s going on and they won’t hold you accountable as they don’t know what SEO consultants do.

My latest SEO tips come from Lee Odden, CEO of TopRank Online Marketing, and publisher of Top Ranking Blog, one of the blogs you ought to add to your feeds. And these tips apply equally to blogs as well as websites. If you haven’t learned from me by now, blogs are just websites, except a heck of a lot more effective when marketing.

Lee posts 5 Myths about SEO. I’m giving you only the highlights and a few personal comments so read the whole post.

  1. Search Engine Optimization is a collection of tricks to fool search engines. If you’re ‘fooling’ the search engines, then you’re probably fooling users too.
  2. People in our market don’t use search engines. Right, when in fact nearly 70% of execs and in-house counsel turn to the net, during the law firm selection process. And they are not just searching firm/lawyer names or going to
  3. SEO is a single event. Fact is creative link building, creation and promotion of new content, integration with other online/offline marketing, and social media are key.
  4. SEO is a function of IT. In fact, SEO initiatives should be managed strategically by the business like any other major marketing initiative.
  5. Our site doesn’t get a lot of visitors, so SEO wouldn’t work for us. Like Lee, I do hear that from what appear to be educated people. Comments like this are just insecurity about SEO as a discipline and its effectiveness for a particular business.

Read the whole post. Lee even gives you 6 bonus myths, one better than another.

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