LexBlog is a leading legal information publisher and software company offering legal professionals and other organizations a digital design and publishing platform and the consumers of legal services with curated legal insight and commentary from over 15,000 practicing legal professionals world-wide.

Our Mission

At LexBlog, we empower lawyers to advance and expand their legal practice through a modern blog publishing platform, ongoing education and resources, a network of authors and client-centric support.

Our Vision

Our vision is to make the law more accessible by providing lawyers the best publishing platform for sharing their expertise with consumers and other lawyers.

Why Blog?

Blogging is the smartest investment you can make in your firm.
LexBlog tackles the issues lawyers struggle most with: developing and maintaining a first-class reputation, optimizing business development, proving your expertise and keeping up with the demands of ever-changing technology.

Get discovered and referred
In today’s increasingly competitive market, lawyers and firms need to show up in online searches and maintain an online network to maximize their chances of being found. Blogging makes this happen by providing search engines with the most relevant, narrowly tailored content necessary to match your name with the keywords your potential clients are searching. And, more importantly, by regularly sharing your know-how on a blog, you’ll ensure that you stay top-of-mind as a reference for people currently in your network while increasing the number of people who can vouch for your knowledge.

Get hired
Once potential clients have found you, a blog showcasing your unique expertise will confirm that you’re the best choice for their specific needs. After all, no one knows more about your area of expertise than you. Translate that into helpful blog posts, and clients, potential clients, and colleagues will know you’re the best fit.

All you need to grow your business and network through blogging is your core legal knowledge and a desire to share it—LexBlog takes care of the rest.

Our Clients

LexBlog powers blogs for more than 15,000 legal bloggers and over half of the nearly 1,000 blogs produced by the United States’ top 200 law firms. Here’s what they’re saying:

I’ve worked with LexBlog for almost 10 years. I have come to them each and every time I needed help with developing a blog—I know that I can partner with them. They get and understand it.
Jacqueline Madarang, Senior Marketing Technology Manager, Bradley

If you look at the value of business generation from clients whose initial contact came from the blog—including repeat business—that number is in the high seven figures. LexBlog has given me a lot of opportunity for business I wouldn’t have otherwise had.
R. David Donoghue, Patent Trial Attorney and Partner, Holland & Knight

LexBlog hosts our 30 blogs, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.They’re the best and at the top of their game.
Vickie Spang, CMO, Sheppard Mullin

…the publicity within the LexBlog community really works.
Dan Harris, China Lawyer and Partner, Harris Bricken

Launch-Ready Publishing

Our self-publishing platform enables you to have a launch-ready blog within just a few weeks so that you can get started blogging, networking and generating business quickly.

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