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Reset, Recalibrate and Replenish


“No matter how much you try, the mind and circumstances tend to conspire in ways to unsettle your soul. And when that happens, you need to find a way to reset, recalibrate and replenish.”

This from veteran tech journalist, Om Malik.

For Om, this means landscape photography, recently along the California coast, among the redwoods.

For years, reset, recalibrate and replenish, for me, meant running every morning, working myself into the day without the frantic starts of decades past (breaking my arm falling down the stairs racing to the ferry) and working on what I enjoy, versus what I think I have to.

Seemed enough, but I am not so sure any longer.

Losing Jill, seventeen years of doing the same work and twenty-one years in the same city, I’m feeling something more is needed to reset, recalibrate and replenish.

Replacing Jill is not going to happen. She’ll always be with me, just not of my world.

Work I can change. LexBlog’s mission and vision is changing and at age sixty-five I am as excited as ever on where we’re headed – and my role in our cause.

I’m feeling my surrounds need a change, to a new place for at least a while.

We sold both our Bainbridge Island family home and downtown Seattle condo last year. Living in the Issaquah foothills is a change, but perhaps not enough of a reset.

Where will I go, and when? Not certain yet.

I always thought the big trees is where we went for strength, so like Om I may also need a trip through the Redwoods, away from work, to reset, recalibrate and replenish.

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