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Trial lawyer turned legal tech entrepreneur, I am the founder and CEO of LexBlog, a legal blog community of over 30,00 blog publishers, worldwide. LexBlog’s professional turnkey blog solution, licensed on a subscription basis, is used by over 18,000 legal professionals.

The New York Times’ Robin Pogrebin asked ninety-two year old, famed architect Frank Gehry, given his age and accomplishments, had he considered taking a break or scaling back.

He dismissed the idea.

“What would I do? I enjoy this stuff.”

With a sense of pride, Gehry added he “has now reached a point in his

Rather than blog for someone else – to share information on an often loud and a crowded Internet, I blog for myself.

Much like digital media consultant, speaker and long time blogger, Euan Semple describes it.

”…[I]t has always been true that I write as much, if not more, for myself as for anyone who

Searching Wikipedia for backgroud information on a B Corporation, a certification of “social and environmental performance” for a for profit companies, I came across a footnote from a statement that such status bring an annul fee. The footnote was to a blog published by the law firm, Bryan Cave.

Got me thinking. Wikipedia could be

Can the new email newsletter publishing platform, Substack make inroads into the legal publishing arena?

When the New York Time’s Ben Smith reports this morning that Danny Lavery, the publisher of a blog and newsletter, just signed a two year, $430,000 contract with Substack and that his wife, Grace Lavery, a professor at UC-Berkeley, who

File this under “it’s about damn time,” LexBlog VP, Greg Storey, writes about Medium’s decision to bring back a very old feature of all blogs (legal blogs included), the blog roll.

From Ev Williams, the CEO of Medium,

If you’re on the desktop web, you can see it in the left-hand sidebar of If

I looked up the word “Friends” on Google expecting to get a Wikipedia or dictionary definition of the word.

All I got for at least a page of search results was about a television show, Friends. I never saw it. Maybe I missed something.

I was motivated to look up “Friends” after seeing all

Ask anyone who talks to me, and you’ll hear that I am anxious to establish a big hairy audacious goal for LexBlog.

LexBlog started with the goal of bringing blogs to the law as a way for lawyers to development business in a manner superior to advertising, websites and SEO. We’d charged $200 a month

I picked up a good sign for tonight’s National Championship Game this morning.

Apple has a photo widget for the iPhone that displays photos or a video series of photos, with accompanying music in a random fashion.

I am finding that that the widget, which displays the photos or video on your home screen, runs

LexBlog started out as a company at a timer when no one had heard of blogs. We claimed “We build blogs for lawyers?”

I envisioned that blogs would become a vehicle for lawyers to connect with people in a real and authentic fashion. A way of building a name, relationships and a book of business.