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I looked up the word “Friends” on Google expecting to get a Wikipedia or dictionary definition of the word.

All I got for at least a page of search results was about a television show, Friends. I never saw it. Maybe I missed something.

I was motivated to look up “Friends” after seeing all the comments and expressions of love I received on Facebook from friends this week after I wished Happy Birthday to Jill.


My friends have been there for me and my family throughout the last couple years – in spades. There’s no way we’d have made it without you.

Real world friend or Facebook friend, I don’t distinguish the two.

Kindness, sharing a shoulder to lean on, leaving a comment that causes you to cry and reflect. Doesn’t matter where I met you.

For those friends who picked up the phone to call me unannounced, texted to say they were thinking of me and the family, who scheduled times for regular zoom calls, God Bless you guys. I may have sounded strong, but it was you who got me there.

For members of the support groups in which I participated, you are my heroes in every sense of the word. You gave me the gift of listening to you and sharing a bit of my story that I hope helped you.

For the new friends I have met on this journey, you have made my life a much richer one and a life in which I’ll move forward with you.

The definition of friend, “a person attached to another by feelings of affection or personal regard,” is much much to shallow for you guys.

My feelings are much greater.

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