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A Good Sign

I picked up a good sign for tonight’s National Championship Game this morning.

Apple has a photo widget for the iPhone that displays photos or a video series of photos, with accompanying music in a random fashion.

I am finding that that the widget, which displays the photos or video on your home screen, runs in more than a random fashion. Apple seems to know what the day represents, what I am going to be doing, and even how I am feeling – right at the moment.

This morning I awoke to Jill’s picture with Gonzaga Basketball players, Eric McClellan and Przemek Karnowski, at Conner’s and Eamon’s graduation from Gonzaga, five years ago. Four of our five children graduated from Gonzaga, Molly and Ainsley being the other others. Colin went to Montana.


Gonzaga graduation, held in the Spokane Arena, was one long event. You’d take breaks to go to down to the concession stand.

Heading down five years ago I saw Karnowski walking ahead and yelled, “Shemmy” and told him he just had to wait there till I ran back up to the seats to get one of his biggest fans, my wife, Jill.

Przemek’s name was tough to spell for fans so they gave him various nicknames, including “Shem.”

Some how Jill and I started calling him “Shemmy” when watching the Zags on television every Thursday and Saturday night during the season. We never missed.

I am sure Jill thought I was nuts when I went up and grabbed her and said she needed to get downstairs right away as Shemmy was waiting to take a picture with her.

He was, and had even asked Eric to stick around for the picture.

Four years ago this morning, and one year after the picture, Jill and I flew down to Phoenix to see “Shemmy” and Gonzaga play in the National Championship Game against North Carolina. We came up a basket or two short.

I am taking this picture of Jill showing up this morning as a good sign that Gonzaga will be the first team in almost fifty years to run the table, going undefeated to a National Championship.

And wow, Molly just told me that Jill’s only tweet on Twitter was to “Shemmy” – and he liked it.


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