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Delaware corporate litigation lawyer a blog marketing success

Delaware Litigation Attorney Francis Pileggi of Fox Rothschild says he’d do it all over again. This in referring to the publishing of his Delaware Corporate and Commercial Litigation Blog for the last two years.

When I asked Francis, a client of LexBlog’s, whether he was getting work from his blog:

Absolutely. It is indisputable that the benefits of the blog outweigh the costs and the time required to create and maintain it. …[A]s I told people who used to ask me the same question about all the articles that I often publish in legal publications, I am convinced that I get more work from the effort compared to not writing at all.

Francis is an excellent example of what an individual lawyer in large law firm can do on their own. He saw the possibilities of lawyer blogs over two years ago. With the blessings of his firm’s administration, Francis started his own blog well before the firm got started with their own practice area blogs. He’s reaping the rewards today.

Get me your lawyer blog successes. I’ll post them as inspiration to lawyers who have not begun to blog.