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Ten ways blogs boost a law firm’s image

November 1, 2006

Law Technology News has published a great article by Ed Poll, ‘Ten Ways Blogs Boost a Law Firm’s Image.’

Ed’s not only a great guy, but a talented law practice management consultant and lawyer coach. If you haven’t listened to some of his podcasts and blog posts at LawBiz Blog, you’re missing a real treat.

Ed’s tips to making your blog experience a worthwhile one (much abbreviated – read the article):

  1. Hit the Target. Define, and then target, your ideal niche audience.
  2. Demonstrate your expertise.
  3. Write clearly and concisely.
  4. Make the commitment. Blogs are most effective when they have a steady flow of posts.
  5. Image counts. You don’t go to court in a T-shirt. Consider carefully the design of your blog.
  6. Everything has a cost. Measure your ROI.
  7. Do your homework. Keep time and costs down by using Web tools that help you produce and distribute your blog.
  8. Delegate. Consider hiring someone to manage the technical aspects of your blog, including search engine optimization.
  9. Keep your perspective. Don’t confuse blogs with the second coming of the printing press. Ultimately, they are just another communication vehicle.

I’m blessed that folks like Ed can eloquently explain how to publish an effective blog far better than I. As way of full disclosure, Ed is a client of LexBlog. And it’s an honor to serve him.

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