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Lawyer blogs featured & ranked in PubSub’s new service

November 8, 2005

PubSub, one of the leading blog search engines/RSS feed aggregators with a matching service that notifies you when new content is created that matches your subscription, has launched a new service. It features lawyer blogs – big time.

PubSub’s Community Lists, including one on lawyer blogs, are human collected lists of blogs with PubSub’s linkranking system used to rank them. Steve Cohen who heads up the project provides a nice summary of the service.

The concept is actually a simple one. We’ve received calls and e-mails from all over asking about blogosphere influencers in many fields of study and profession and didn’t have a decent place to point them to. So, being the forward thinking company that we try to be, we created that place. The lists change daily and shows a view of the blogosphere that you haven’t seen before: A daily ranking of ‘influencers’ for the previous day (linkranks runs once a day) for specific community. You will also be able to see the highest gainers for that day.

We’ve enlisted editors for two of the 4 lists that are currently live on the site. The third list (librarians) is edited by me, and the fashion list needs an editor (so, if you know of any fashion bloggers who might be interested, send them a note to contact me). These editors know their blog field very well, and will be able to keep up with the lists (adding and deleting as needed) better than anyone at the PubSub office could. Also, since the lists are community oriented, we looked outside of the company for editors.

The Community Lists and editors:

  1. The PR List, maintained by Constantin Basturea, one the leaders in online PR community.
  2. The Law List, maintained by Kevin O’Keefe, president and founder of LexBlog. Wow, that’s me.
  3. The Librarian List, maintained by Steve Cohen.
  4. The Fashion List, which needs an editor and actually stemmed from the NYT article on fashion blogs that appeared a few months ago.

The lawyer blog list is nice addition to the net. Heck, Business Week was just looking for a a good list of the most popular lawyer blogs a couple weeks ago. Ranking by a linking system is also the most meaningful way of measuring the popularity and influence of lawyer blogs.

And we’re just getting started guys, so please feel free to send any suggestions via the feedback form on the Law List Page.