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Yahoo! launches its own corporate marketing blog – blogs by law firm heads to follow?

August 19, 2004

Yahoo! has joined the growing list of companies with corporate marketing blogs with the launch of a blog from the Yahoo! Search team.

Jeff Weiner, SVP Yahoo! Search & Marketplace says “the blog is designed to provide a window into what our team is thinking and doing, in their own words (and maybe some guest bloggers as well). Above all else we hope the blog enables [readers] to share our excitement for the search industry and what the future holds”.

Yahoo!’s blog follows on the heels of blogs from the likes of Google, Microsoft, Sun Microsystems and other innovative companies. The idea of regular communications from an organization’s brain trust is a good one. One that heads of law firms should take note of.

Imagine a law firm managing partner posting regular updates on matters the firm was working on and new technology solutions being deployed to provide more effective representation of the firm’s clients. I’m not talking of Web site welcomes, quarterly newsletters and annual reports with the often self serving hype written by marketing professionals.

I’m talking of real communications penned by the firm’s leader as if she or he were sitting across the table talking with someone. No legalese, no public relations spin – just straight talk in a down to earth tone on a blog where readers can post comments and questions (moderated of course).

Not only would the firm come across as wanting to talk to clients and listen to their concerns, I think people would be shocked as all get out to see such honest and frank communication. Far fetched? I don’t know. There are some pretty fine individuals heading up law firms who are more than capable of inspiring people when turned loose.

It’s easy for me to imagine a Lee Iacocca of Chrysler or a Dave Thomas of Wendy’s penning a blog talking to customers, the media and the public at large. These guys always appeared comfortable in their skin and it showed in the way they talked with us.

Those who follow my writings know my feelings about branding a law firm. A professional services firm can not brand itself via taste, feel or speed like a soft drink, a sports shoe or a car. A professional services firm brands itself via its people. The best way to strengthen a brand based on people is through as many regular contacts as possible with your target audience – the media, clients and members of the public.

A law firm corporate communications blog is wonderful way to do this. Don’t be surprised to see a few in the months ahead.

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