This morning, Team LexBlog (everyone) begins its move to the WeWork – Holyoke Building here in downtown Seattle. We’ll move, in stages, over the next month from our current offices a few blocks away.

While many may view WeWork as co-working space for startups and companies with a distributed workforce, I see WeWork as something much different.

Like software as a service, WeWork offers space as a service. Health insurance, legal services and a slew of discounted services from international providers are included in a growing list of benefits.

Rather than worry about phones, Internet, copiers, conference rooms, huge display monitors, event centers, receptionists and more, WeWork has it all. Plus free coffee, cold brew and beer — all I found pretty important to the team when we viewed WeWork as a group a couple weeks ago.

Perhaps the greatest value in WeWork is the networking. Networking for team member learning. Networking for product development. Networking for hiring. And who knows, perhaps networking for business development.

The Holyoke Building, one of four (soon to be five) Seattle WeWork locations is impressive. WeWork occupies all six floors of the building first constructed after the Seattle fire in 1889. It has historic charm galore – exposed brick and stone walls, high ceilings, and tall rounded windows – with polished contemporary Northwest interiors.

The separate offices, of which we’ll occupy four or five, hold two to ten people, all include modern furnishings. There are also plenty of common areas to work from including areas akin to a small coffee shop on each floor. Downstairs there’s a huge area to hangout or hold events — it’s akin to what you’d find in an historic four or five star hotel.

WeWork isn’t just for startups. Alaska Airlines, Airbnb, Lululemon and Perkins Coie were just a few of the establish companies we ran across in touring WeWork. It’s also not just for distributed workforces (people working remote), as LexBlog and other companies have their entire company located in WeWork offices.

No question we’ll use some of the other WeWork locations – 203 office locations in 50 cities around the world. I am already looking at Chicago for an event next month.

Stay tuned, this is all an experiment and we could be back in traditional offices such as the one for which we were about to sign a lease.

  • Hi Kevin, I think you can add another category to “COOL STUFF” and “LEXBLOG”. It’s “SMART MOVE” because in my opinion that is what it will be, and once you’ve seen co-working you’ll never want to move back. I’m quite familiar with the concept since Chicago and surrounding environs has been a very fertile ground for co-working. e.g, Let me know I can help Re: your Chicago visit.

    • Thanks for the support and offer to help re Chicago, Jerry. I didn’t get over there yesterday, but got nothing but positives from the team.

      • Hi Kevin, I’m interested in finding out more about WeWork here in Chicago. Can you help get to the right person by asking that person to call me. Thanks,

        • Apologize for the delay Jerry. The WeWork facilities vary a bit as far as offerings, prices etc from location to location. You could call/email Brett here at Seattle – Holyhoke Building to get into on who to contact in Chicago, but you may be better in selecting one of the locations you think best in the loop or river north and pinging them. Let me know.

          • No worries. I’ll go no-tech and Just walk over to one.