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Will I see you at the State Bar of Texas Annual Meeting?


That’s not that stupid of a question. There are 100,000 lawyers in Texas, or about 99,900 more lawyers than my county bar association had when I started practicing.

I am here in Dallas for the State Bar of Texas (SBOT) Annual Meeting along with David Cuthbert, LexBlog’s business development lead extraordinaire.

LexBlog has had the pleasure of partnering with the SBOT on a lot of things over the years — their sites/publications, social media think tanks, Beer for Bloggers, LexBlog TV/SBOT TV coverage of annual meetings and more. John Sirman, Lowell Brown and all the other SBOT team members have been great to work with.

We’re doing a few new things this year. One, we’ll have a booth (rare event for us in that our work comes by word of mouth through blogging and networking online).

A booth not only allows us to support the Bar, but also to share with lawyers how LexBlog has moved on from building blogs to a managed WordPress platform for the law with options for blogs, websites, minisites, magazines, networks etc — and, in the case of some law firms and marketing agencies, the ability to license our platform so they may operate their own WordPress managed platform.

A booth also enables us to offer free advice on networking/business development through the net. I may be “selling,” but I’ve always seen helping folks first, LexBlog member publisher or not, as the most important thing we do.

I’ll also be doing some discussions on FaceBook Live with law bloggers and other folks. My friend, Brian Cuban, will be keynoting one of the tracks discussing the events that gave rise to his new book, “The Addicted Lawyer.” I should be able to get him on Facebook.

LexBlog’s tech and products teams has been working on new solutions for SBOT members. Sirman and the SBOT committee heads are pretty creative in getting valuable benefits for members. We’ve cooked up some new ideas to discuss with them.

My daughter, Ainsley tells me I just missed the Mariners playing in Texas. That’s okay. Baseball at 65 degrees in Seattle is more enjoyable than at 100 degrees in Dallas.

If attending, please do stop by and say Hi or ping me by email or text/call (206-321-3627. If nothing else it’ll get you a beer or coffee.

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