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Oklahoma Bar Associaton presentation materials

November 2, 2016

I have the pleasure of speaking at the Oklahoma Bar Associaton Annual Meeting in Oklahoma City this afternoon.

The topic as billed is “Client Engagement and Marketing – Everything is Different Today.” My talk will be on why evertyting is the same, at least from when I started practicing thirty plus years ago. It’s all about building a name for yourself and relationships.

Smart lawyers are just taking building a name and building relationships to the Internet. Facebook is more powerful than the Chamber of Commerce. Blogging is powerful than publishing a book, writing an article for the bar or using press releases to reach reporters.

Here’s a copy my Oklahoma Bar Association Presentation (pdf) I am using today. It’s in mind-map form as well as in a word doc which bullets out the items in the mindmap. You’ll need to stretch out the pdf for the mindmap, but it may get a little fuzzy in this form.

By the way, I moved away from using mind-maps for presentations because “everyone” thought a PowerPoint was better. But a mind-map is easy for free thinking and then organizing your thoughts.

For presentations, branches of the mind-map can be open and closed. Your audience can also get more detail, in an outline form with links, than you had time to “open up” and discuss in your talk.

I used a mind-map at the National Association of Bar Executives meeting a couple weeks ago and everyone liked it. So mind-maps may be back for me.

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