35% of all adults age 65 and over are now using social media. This per Business Insider citing a report last month by the Pew Research Center.

This is three times what was reported in 2010, when only 11% of seniors said they were social media users. Let alone 2005 when only 2% of adults 65 and over were using social media.

The numbers jump to 50% for Americans age 50 to 64. And to 75% for those 40 to 45,

Older law clients social media

In addition to sharing links and photos, the Pew report found that seniors use social media to get news and information as well as to share information with their growing network of contacts.

The take away for as a lawyer should be obvious. You need to be using social media to network, share your insight and stay connected with clients, prospective clients and referral sources.

Sadly, speaking to lawyers there’s a sense of bravado from lawyers who tell me they don’t use social media. Many tell me they don’t have the time. Some say they don’t understand social media. Others talk of ethical and liability limitations. And some think it’s childish.

Fact is social media has become part of the fabric of our society. Social media moves news and information, including articles and blog posts by lawyers, as well enables Americans to network with their growing number of contacts – contacts that should include you as a lawyer,

Image courtesy of Flickr by The Elite Ayrshire Business