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Sharing Blog Posts to LinkedIn Won’t Get Them Seen on LinkedIn


Lawyers and law firms are told to share their blog posts on LinkedIn to get their posts seen.

Sharing blog posts is not enough to get your posts seen, if getting your posts seen, alone, is even a worthwhile end goal.

What is seen on LinkedIn, just like Facebook, is fueled by algorithms. Since Microsoft’s acquisition of LinkedIn, four years ago, those algorithms have gotten better and better.

When you share content on LinkedIn, the content is not seen by your connections or anyone else. Far from it.

LinkedIn is looking to share content posted by users with people whom LinkedIn believes would find the information of value.

With the data LinkedIn has, there’s a lot it can consider in deciding what’s of value to who. Two things it does consider are who is sharing the content and what people think of the content the person shares.

One the first, LinkedIn is looking at whether the person sharing content is doing so with some regularity – their own content and content published by others with accompanying commentary.

This shows LinkedIn that you are legitimating looking to offer valuable information versus spamming the net.

Two, LinkedIn needs to see that the items you are sharing are increasingly getting liked and commented upon. This is a signal that LinkedIn users find what you are sharing of value.

Get these two moving in the right direction and you’ll find your insight getting in front of the right people. People with whom you can take from a share and a responding like or comment to engaging them in real life.

I am by no means a LinkedIn guru. I have found though by reducing my activity on LinkedIn the last couple years, LinkedIn’s algorithm’s have not been as kind to me. Less people are commenting and liking the posts I am sharing.

As I get back into blogging and sharing insight on LinkedIn, I am beginning to see an uptick in engagement – readership, likes and comments.