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What have you done as a lawyer to make a difference?

The U.S. Army just launched a television commercial to showcase the strength, versatility and professionalism of the force.

I saw the ad during the NFL draft telecast this morning.

They didn’t join this team to win championships, become famous, or get their own signature shoes.

They joined because there is important work to be done, and only some able to do it and only some able to do it. They’re brighter, better educated, led and equipped than any team in history. 

They’re doctors, lawyers, engineers, technologists and combat troops. All prepared for whatever comes their way.

Mark Davis, deputy assistant secretary of the Army for marketing, commenting on the ad:

This is an extraordinarily great institution that does so many different things to make people’s lives better, to make America better, and to make the world better. 


[The ad] shows Soldiers in a variety of roles, including warfighters, doctors, lawyers, aviators, technicians, and proud members of their community.

The ad concludes:

One day they may be asked what they did to make a difference in this world, they can respond, ‘I became a Soldier.’

As a lawyer I was struck by the ads message that serving as a lawyer is a noble calling enabling one to make their community, their country and the world better.

Right there with doctors, aviators, engineers, technologists, and combat troops — lawyers making a difference.

As lawyers, especially those of us further along in our careers, we should be asking ‘What have we done to make a difference in this world?’

Here’s the ad.

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