Today, we decided to mix things up at LexBlog and host our first-ever AMA event in our Support Center community. The event was an overwhelming success – a fast-paced hour of back and forth Q&A between us and members of the LexBlog Network.

AMA stands for “Ask Me Anything.” The acronym took hold thanks to Reddit hosting a number of AMA events as well as (very similar) “I Am A” events (often with celebrities or notable figures). For example, here’s Barack Obama’s AMA he held back when he was campaigning in 2012.

LXBN Reporter Zosha Millman suggested the AMA format in a recent brainstorming meeting. All of us immediately latched onto the idea. From there, we saw an opportunity to add a bit of loose focus to the event with the theme “Mobile” (thanks to Google’s mobilegeddon) and true to the traditional AMA format we named Director of Technology Joshua Lynch as the primary “presenter.”

I especially loved this event because even though the Support Center community is a forum available 24/7 for LexBlog Network members, this event highlighted the best part about online communities: that feeling that you’re in a fun, full room of people engaged in conversation around something shared. In our case, conversations were about mobile-first design, blogging, technology, and even where the best hikes are nearby.

I don’t know about the other participants, but I’m certainly looking forward to our next AMA event!

Image cropped. Original by Alexander Henning Drachmann via Flickr Creative Commons.