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If you are looking to have your blog posts shared on social media, you best provide mobile viewers an exceptional user experience.

A new Forrester survey of 37,000 consumers found that mobile users are more likely to share a branded post than desktop users. While 28% of desktop users share branded posts that rises to 40% of tablet users and 36% of smartphone users.

In addition, almost half (49%) of tablet and 46% of smartphone users engage with corporate content via likes, shares or comments, compared with just 37% of desktop social users.

Helen Leggatt (@eBizReporter), my source for the report, picks up on another key point for lawyers and law firms.

…[M]obile users are more positive about their interactions with brands on social sites – for example by thinking it’s cool to be associated with a brand on social media and viewing a “like” as a way to show support for a company.

Having folks out sharing your insight and passion across social media so as to extend your brand as an authority is a wonderful experience. They’ll share your blog posts as well as other items you share.

To get the job done today means delivering on mobile. That means getting your blogs on responsive design/development and personally using mobile regularly.

Responsive alone is not enough, get professional design and development help from people who know mobile. Way too many lawyers want to lead with their brand and photo’s even though it makes their blogs look lame and handicaps the experience for mobile users.

You need to use mobile to get the mobile experience. Get an iPad and use it all the time for consuming, sharing, and commenting. Use your iPhone or Android smartphone to do the same.

Make note of the sites you like most on mobile. For me, they’re Mashable, GigaOm, TheNextWeb, and ReadWriteWeb.

You’ll see changes to my blog soon to reflect mobile first, desktop second. For consumption. And for publishing.

Image courtesy of Flickr by Mike Coghlan

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