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New iPad Pro for Legal Bloggers


Apple did its first product launch of the year, this week.

To fully appreciate the show you needed an eighty-inch monitor and your yellow lab and golden retriever along side. Only the golden retriever watches television.

Though Tim Cook and Apple do a heck of a show launching new products, I was most interested in the new iPad Pro.

Other than my iPhone, I use an iPad Pro for all of my blogging. I do all of my work on my iPad and iPhone. I have an iMac on the side of my desk but I don’t really use it.

I find the iPad Pro touch screen a heck of a lot easier to use than the Apple Magic Mouse and the Magic Keyboard faster to use than than Apple Bluetooth keyword.

I can also pick up my iPad, the size of book and take it anywhere with me with out a bag or case. Armed with an iPhone in my back pocket, I have everything I need – for publishing or recording video.

Is the new iPad worth my buying?

Depends whether you’re deciding with your heart or pragmatically.

It’s 175 times faster than the first iPad. Making it great for artists, machinists wanting three-dimensional looks at engines, and video gamers.

I have never played a video game so the speed may not be that important.

But a new ultra-wide camera for better zoom calls, 5G cellular and an upgraded display are enough to justify my buying the new iPad Pro for $1,599 less a $590 trade-in. At least deciding with my heart.

For me, Apple products have always been about both fun and work. Apple’s upgrades are always fun to get your hands on.

Goes back to buying my kids a new green iMac in 1997. It was so cool I went and bought one myself.

Why? The color. While other lawyers had ugly computers on their desks and credenzas, I had an orange iMac that people could see as they walked by my office at Second and Main Streets.

It was that orange machine on which I came to appreciate the power of the Internet for connecting lawyers with people and on which I wrote the business plan for my first legal tech startup.

And what do you know. Look what Apple brought back this. Colored iMacs.

Though a little slicker than in 1997.

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