I am headed to LegalTech in New York City for the week.

I’ll be at LegalTech at the Hilton tomorrow (Tuesday) through Thursday and at ReInvent Law on Friday.

I will be meeting a number of people attending the show as well as number of folks whose offices are in New York City. I’ll also be attending a number of the social events, though with the Seahawks win last night and the snow in New York delaying flights, I missed the ALM party this evening.

If you’re going to be at LegalTech or work in New York and would like to get together, please let me know. My email is kevin@lexblog.com and my cell is 206 321 3627 for calling or texting.

I’ve been coming to LegalTech for almost ten years. The show can be a bit overwhelming with all the tech solutions and tech companies. But like any conference or show, it’s about the people. Good people.

ALM, our host and which runs the show, has some great people. They’ve been working on some real innovative things on the digital media side which they’re beginning to launch.

Though you may not be buying from all the companies present, many of the companies are led by innovators and the true entrepreneurs in the legal industry. Getting to know them can be a lot of fun – as well as inspiring.

LexBlog’s LXBN will be covering LegalTech on multiple fronts – reporters doing stories, curating Tweets courtesy of Rebel Mouse, a Storify page, and LXBN TV Interviews. You can see the coverage in the LegalTech section of LXBN.

See you there.