By Kevin O'Keefe

Giving my social media thanks


Happy Thanksgiving RLHB readers.

I have much to be thankful for. My wife who continues to hang in there with me and my craziness. My five kids, all of whom came home for Thanksgiving. My yellow lab, Lou, who serves as my running companion. My team at LexBlog who inspires me each day with all they do to help make lawyers dreams come alive through blogging and social media.

And to all those people who I have had the privilege to meet in person and virtually through social media. On the social media side itself I’m thankful for the tools, software, and applications which enable me to read, learn, and connect with people around the world. I’m not into the latest in technology and gadgetry for technology’s sakes. I’m into it because it saves me time and makes my life better.

  • iPad Air. Easy to carry. Powerful. Fast. Stunning to read and browse on. Apps run on it that don’t run on my MacBook Air.
  • iPhone 5s. Faster. Bigger display. Better camera to share pics with friends on Facebook and Twitter.
  • WordPress. Where would I be without it? Personally, or in a business with 8,000 blogging lawyers.
  • WordPress iPad and iPhone app. I do most all of my blogging on my iPad. I do a lot of editing on my iPhone.
  • Mr. Reader. My iPad RSS reader. Waiting for the iO7 version, but invaluable for reading and sharing my feeds.
  • Buffer. I share virtually all my Tweets from Mr. Reader through Buffer which spreads out my Tweets a bit so my followers don’t receive 8 tweets in 10 minutes.
  • Feedly. When Google Reader went away this summer Feedly filled its shoes and then some. I add sources and Google News subjects to my feeds at Feedly. I ‘ll also organize them by subject in Feedly. It’s from Feedly that my feeds are then displayed in Mr. Reader.
  • Zite. You guys do a nice job of pulling in articles and posts I’d miss otherwise on subjects, such as ‘blogging,’ that I like to follow.
  • Disqus. Love the the commenting system on my blog, the LexBlog Network blogs, and blogs/news sites around the net.
  • FlipBoard for my iPhone and iPad. For reading and sharing from the NY Times and from time to time reading and sharing items from my feeds. Your interface is stunning for browsing, reading, and sharing.
  • Twitter, Google+, and Facebook. Hate to think where we’d be without you.

Thanks to Scott Kleinberg (@scottkleinberg), social media editor of the Chicago Tribune, for giving his social media thanks for inspiring this post.

Image courtesy of Flickr by Dave.

Kevin O'Keefe
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