By Kevin O'Keefe

Mobile vs Desktop : Where are people reading your law blog?

We’re not far from the day when more people will be reading your law blog on a mobile device than on a desktop.

Here’s recent data from ComScore (Statista graph) showing the breakdown between desktop and mobile consumption for 10 different types of content. Mobile versus Desktop for law blogSubstantially more than half of the time people spend on social networking and gaming is on mobile. About 40% of the time people consume news and information, whether business/finance, general news, or health, is on mobile.

Law blogs, by virtue of our profession lagging a bit, may fall short of the 30 to 40% mobile we’re seeing for news consumption.

For example, here’s my blog’s breakdown for this month. Real lawyers have blogs mobile consumption

Saving you the math, desktop is 76%, phone is 17%, and tablet is 7%.

I was surprised that desktop remains so strong, but like I said I have a lot of readers in the law, which could cause mobile to lag. For example, Fred Wilson, a New York City based venture capitalist and widely read business blogger shared that for him desktop is 69%, phone is 23%, and tablet is 8%.

If I had to estimate, my usage of the web is 30% desktop, 60% tablet, and 10% phone. But I’m an odd duck, I love my iPad and the news and sharing apps that come with it.

No question we’re trending mobile though. One year ago desktop was at 85% for my blog. With the advancements in smartphones and tablets, I expect mobile’s growth to accelerate.

For those interested in the iOS vs Android breakdown, my mobile visits are about 78% iOS, 17% Android. Windows is less than 1%.

Forget the stats though, the message for law firms is to design and develop for mobile. As we upgrade our LexBlog clients’ blogs to WordPress, all the blogs are mobile optimized with many clients choosing to use responsive design for a more eloquent mobile experience.

In addition to your readers viewing your blogs on mobile, your posts are widely shared on social networks. 65% of people’s time on social networks is on mobile, making the mobile experience for reading your blogs all the more important.

Kevin O'Keefe
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