By Kevin O'Keefe

LinkedIn drives more traffic to law firm websites than all other social media combined

LinkedIn generates traffic to law firm websitesNeed motivation to complete your firm’s company page on LinkedIn and to get your lawyers using LinkedIn? Here it is.

LinkedIn generates more traffic for corporate websites than all the other social platforms combined. This per an Investis IQ Audience Insight Report (pdf).

Steve Rayson (@steverayson), cofounder of an e-learning provider and B2B marketing professional, provides a nice summary of the report’s findings.

LinkedIn accounts for nearly two thirds, 64%, of all visits to corporate websites from social media sites and this is steadily increasing.

Twitter is also gaining in influence, up from 4% in 2011 to 14% today, which reflects the increase in the number of companies adopting Twitter for corporate communications.

Facebook’s share by contrast has decreased by nearly fifty percent in two years, 30% to 17%, and the findings may indicate that Facebook is a declining platform for B2B corporate marketing.

Visits from Flickr, YouTube, Google+ and SlideShare are all negligible currently. LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter are responsible for 95% of visits to corporate websites from social media sites. It will be interesting to see how this changes going forward with the growth in Google Plus.

Here’s a visual depiction from Rayson. LinkedIn traffic to websites Based on these numbers, it’s pretty safe to presume that LinkedIn is driving more traffic to your law firm’s websites than other social media — by far. It makes sense.

  • LinkedIn is the professional social network of record.
  • LinkedIn is looked at as trusted source for looking up information about companies and professionals. It’s only natural to follow links from LinkedIn to a law firm website.
  • A law firm’s LinkedIn company page and a lawyers’ LinkedIn profile pages will rank near the top of a Google search for a firm or lawyer. Again links to a firm website will be followed.
  • When others make a referral to a lawyer they may well send the party being referred a link to a lawyer’s LinkedIn profile.
  • Many lawyers share a link to their LinkedIn profile on email signature lines, business cards, Twitter profiles, and other social networks.

You simply have to take advantage of LinkedIn’s company page for your law firm and to get your lawyer’s using LinkedIn. Not only do you look foolish with incomplete pages and profiles, but you’re missing out on traffic to your firm’s website.

It was not that long ago that law firms bought Martindale-Hubbell profiles for their firm’s lawyers, in part, to generate traffic to their firm’s website. Today it’s LinkedIn that’ll drive that traffic — at a fraction of the cost.

Though LinkedIn may be biggest generator of traffic to websites, it may not be the case for blogs — at least from what I am seeing. Twitter, as the driver of news and information will generate more traffic to your blog so long as you’re effectively using Twitter.

Bottom line though, take advantage of the gift LinkedIn is giving you.

Image courtesy of Flickr by Esther Vargas.

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