Mashable’s Taylor Casti (@thecoppergirl) reports that one in five Americans can’t access Facebook at work – at least through their networked computer.

Facebook is not the only social network employers are blocking block in an attempt to boost productivity. Twitter is a close second, with 15.1% reportedly blocking the site. One in ten employers even block access to LinkedIn.

Here’s a Statista/Mashable graph showing the findings of a survey of over a 1,000 employers. 20130925-185748.jpg Are there any law firms that attempt to block access to social networks? I say attempt as every employee has independent access to social networks via their smart phone or tablet.

In 2009, I blogged about reports that over 50% of law firms were blocking various social media, including blogs (not sure how they did it), Facebook, and Twitter. Some firms even bragged about doing so.

I’d like to think firms have stopped blocking access to social networks and blogging for any number of reasons, most of all for increased productivity and revenue. Firms pick up a greater knowledge network through their employees personal networks. Reputations are enhanced and relationships nurtured in an accelerated fashion.

Not all law firms breed trust though. I can think of more than one lawyer I worked with who would have presumed everyone using social networks was wasting the firm’s time.

What are you seeing? Are there law firms who still try to block access to social networks?.