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How to optimize your law firm’s LinkedIn company page

August 23, 2013

Kate McKinney and Kiran Ross of K2Media (@k2mediakc) had a great piece in the Kansas City Business Journal this morning on maximizing your LinkedIn profile. Covered optimizing your personal and company profiles as well as tips on increasing your authority.

With company profiles not discussed as much as individual profiles, I thought their insight on company profiles would help you optimize your law firm’s company page on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn company pages consistently appear in the top 10 search engine results when searching a companies’ names. You need to make a favorable impression and take advantage of what LinkedIn offers you.

For larger firms you’ll have someone in marketing who controls the LinkedIn law firm page. For those of you who are not, to create or edit your own company page, you must be a current company employee, your position with the company must be listed in the Experience section on your profile, and you must have a company email address added and confirmed on your LinkedIn account.

Liberally citing McKinney and Ross here’s six keys to optimizing your law firm’s LinkedIn page.

  1. Add a cover image to your page. Make it relevant and visually striking. It need not be exclusively your logo. Your home, careers and products & services tabs can all have different cover banners. (Products & services can have three, which will rotate.) Think practice areas or industries for services. Get creative.
  2. Complete all fields with as much information about your company as possible. Be consistent in descriptions of your company’s offerings and accomplishments – your LinkedIn page should share a voice and messaging with your website and other marketing assets.
  3. Add a menu of your company’s services and/or products. Photos, video, specific contact information and hyperlinks to your law firm website and blogs may be very helpful in this section. You may wish to include specific contacts for industry or practice groups.
  4. After adding services and products to the law firm LinkedIn page, you can ask clients and former clients to leave a recommendation (to be moderated by you, the page admin) which will then be visible on the page.
  5. Encourage lawyers and law firm employees to join LinkedIn and link their profiles to your law firm page. Nine out of the top 10 brands, by number of LinkedIn followers, have at least 60 percent of their employees on LinkedIn.
  6. Promote your LinkedIn company page on your website, blogs social networks, email signatures and other marketing material.

As a law firm, you spend significant time and money on web properties of your own. You then spend resources on drawing traffic to your website. LinkedIn company pages provide you an opprtunity to take information about your firm and what it does to where your target audience is already going, LinkedIn.

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