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Should you use content distribution services to extend reach and influence of law blog?

August 16, 2013

Content distribution service for law blogsA legal marketing professional with an Israeli law firm with over 200 lawyers asked in my LinkedIn legal blogging group about the “best distribution channels” for a blog their firm had recently launched. He asked members of the group if they would would recommend Lexology, JD Supra, Mondaq and others as a means to distribute blog content.

Without commenting on the content distribution services, all good companies run by fine people, I offered what I considered to be a sounder approach. Here’s what I advised.

You are looking to extend the reach and influence of your blog. You are looking for your blog and the lawyers writing on the blog to get better known. You want your blog to get cited by other blogs and the mainstream media. You want to see your blog posts get shared across social media including Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

The best way to get this done, bar none, is to blog about other people and the content they are writing. By listening to sources (relevant blogs, news sources, and columnists) and subjects (terms of art re the areas of law you practice in and the industries you represent, company names, organization names, codes, cases, and reg’s) you’ll see the best discussion out there among thought leaders. Now join that discussion by referencing what they are saying and offering your take, insight, and commentary.

You’ll get seen by other thought leaders. Not only will they start to cite and share what your lawyers are saying, but your lawyers will begin to build relationships with these folks. Clients and prospective clients who follow this discussion will see your lawyers’ names being mentioned by people they respect and see what your lawyers are saying (your blog) being cited by these folks.

This is what you want. This leads to a reputation and relationships that leads to good work. It’s also a much easier way to blog. It’s what blogging is all about.

Remember, you are not blogging to make sure your content is spread all over and to get it in front of as many people as possible by paying a distribution service. You are blogging to drive the bottom line – revenue. More eyeballs through mass distribution may have some impact on revenue, but relationships and reputation drive business development in the law.

You guys are good lawyers, as such your work comes from a strong word of mouth reputation and relationships. You can can achieve both by blogging effectively. Right now your blog does not look like there is a lot of listening going on. It doesn’t look like you are engaging your audience (influencers and amplifiers are as important as clients/prospective clients) in a strategic way.

Change your approach and you won’t be able to keep your target audience a way with a stick. You have a great opportunity as a leading firm from Israel to build on your name in your country and worldwide, in part, through blogging.

I received a kind response letting me know the law firm was going to change their approach.

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