20130509-190610.jpg Want to influence the affluent when it comes to their hiring of a lawyer? Use social media.

Nearly 90 percent of affluent consumers use social media, and do so for professional reasons per James Dohnert (@jamesdohnert), referencing a recent study by LinkedIn.

The study measuring consumers interaction with financial institutions is highly relevant to law firms who are looking to engage a similar audience – those with investable assets between $100,000 and $1 million.

Look at these key findings, all spot on when it comes to why law firms ought to be using social media to engage clients and prospective clients.

  • One out of every two surveyed use social media to connect with other professionals.
  • One in three use social media to engage with professional content.
  • 36% use social media for discovery and consideration, meaning they are seeking advice on the things they’ve learned through social media.
  • Timely and relevant content is one of the most important things this group is looking for.

Rather than ‘broadcasting’ content, LinkedIn advises that financial institutions, and I think it the same for law firms, to drive conversation through social media. Engagement and discussion on social media lead to greater influence and improved lead generation.

LinkedIn says because this group is so active on social media, they could prove a key market for financial institutions. Why not law firms too?

Sure, not all of your clients and prospective clients are active users of social media. But a growing number of them are. With most law firms using social media ineffectively the door is open for you to take advantage of the market opportunity.

Image courtesy of Flickr by Herval.