“Just about everyone is in the media now, writes Seth Godin. If you’ve published something online, you know what it is to create and spread ideas.”

But you don’t want to play the role of a media company where the goal is maximizing attention, clicks, and profits, per Godin.

Amateur media tends to be a lot more personal, unpredictable and interesting.

The irony, of course, is that in a billion-channel universe, those three things make it far more likely that you will earn attention, connection and trust, which of course makes it more likely you’ll earn a living.

Personal and interesting so as to connect with others and earn trust. Sounds exactly what you want to do as a lawyer when it comes to content and blogging.

Far too many law firms make the mistake of developing content strategies, distribution strategies, and measuring success as ROI based on eyeballs and traffic. That’s newspapers (circulation) and TV (Nielsen ratings).

Lawyers and law firms get their work by engaging people (connecting) and building relationships of trust with clients, prospective clients, and their influencers.

Rather than focusing on maximizing attention, focus on personal and interesting as to your target audience. You’ll be way ahead.

Image courtesy of Flickr by See-ming Lee.