By Kevin O'Keefe

LinkedIn : Clean up mobile UI for the legal profession

20130224-155840.jpg LinkedIn is really coming up short for the legal profession in its mobile UI – at least on the iPhone and iPad.

  • Just brushing the screen on my iPad displaying the profiles of people you may want to connect with (default page after many actions on LinkedIn) causes an invite to connect to go out. Found that out today when sent out 2 unintended stock language invites and realized that’s why I’m finding people I don’t know accepting invites of late.
  • It’s not possible, last I tried, to personalize invites to connect on my iPhone or iPad. Nothing says I don’t care and I don’t know much about you more than a stock LinkedIn invite to connect.
  • The interface constantly freezes up and crashes on my iPad.
  • Seamlessly using the net on my iPad – RSS reader, Facebook, Flipboard, Zite, Twitter, and browser, I’m regularly clicking on links to LinkedIn profiles or doing a search for a LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn prompts me to go to the LI app every time (I decline as the UI is poor) and then I am prompted to log in again to LI. It’s bad enough having to re-log in all day long, but I am often taken to a page other than the one I was seeking from the link or search.

I am sure there are other problems that we’ve all experienced. These are off the top of my head. I’d welcome hearing about problems you’ve had.

Do not get me wrong. LinkedIn is great. I have been paying for their premium services since LinkedIn’s beginnings.

But with mobile being at the forefront of networking through the Internet, LinkedIn needs to lead the way for professionals, not aggravate professionals.

Invest your time and money in upgrading your mobile UI instead of sending out hundreds of thousands of emails telling lawyers they’re in the top X% on LinkedIn.

Image courtesy of Flickr by Coletivo Mambembe.

Kevin O'Keefe
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