I’ve been looking for a slick, fast, easy to use RSS reader with a nice interface for my iPhone.

I use Mr. Reader, Flipboard, and Zite on my iPad. Though Flipboard and Zite work well on my iPhone, they have limitations. Zite is a personalized magazine that feeds me relevant content by categories, but it does not present my feeds. I can set up a section on Flipboard for my feeds, but they are not presented by category, nor can I view them chronological order.

I may have found what I am looking for in Feedly. It will work in various browsers, including Chrome and Mozilla, and on both the IOS and the Android operating systems. Like other reader apps, Feedly integrates with your Google Reader.

Feedly has received mostly favorable reviews and has a five star rating in Apple’s App Store.

In addition to allowing me to view my feeds by category, Feedly presents content in slick visual cards for each post similar to the Flipboard look.

The sharing feature is nicely displayed and easy to use. Better than Zite and Flipboard, Feedly integrates the Buffer App service so that you may share items you’ve read on other social media at pre-selected times.

A unique thing that Feedly does is suggest other feeds that you might like based on your subscribed feeds. It also creates a visually compelling ‘front page’ by actively filtering and featuring the most relevant articles based on your personal tastes and ratings of other users.

Check out Feedly and let me know what you think.