Google continues to up its mobile app game. After releasing its Google Maps application this past weekend, Google has now launched YouTube Capture, a free app for recording and sharing videos.

YouTube CaptureFrom YouTube’s blog:

YouTube Capture is ready to record as soon as you open it. When you’re done filming, write a caption, select which networks you want to share to, and hit Share. Even if you minimize the app, the video will keep uploading in the background. You can control who sees your video by setting it to private (only you can view it), unlisted (only people with a link to the video can view it), or public (to let it shine to the world).

Have a shaky hand or bad lighting when recording your video? Touch it up easily with YouTube enhancements like color correction and stabilization, or trim the length and add free background music from YouTube. These enhancements are also available on existing videos on your device, and you can always undo enhancements later on YouTube Capture will remind you to rotate your phone to a horizontal position for filming, so your videos look high-quality and free of “Vertical Video Syndrome.”

Steve Kovach (@stevekovach), Editor at Business Insider, believes its ease of use and key features of Capture places it ahead of Apple’s native camera app:

  • May record from within the app or import video, new or old, from your device’s Camera roll.
  • May sync to your Facebook, Google+, and Twitter accounts so you may upload to each service.
  • May add free background music from YouTube.
  • May set the privacy level of your videos from within the app before uploading them to YouTube or Google+.

YouTube Capture may not be the perfect fit for some lawyers and law firms as it’s aimed towards mobile users who are not concerned about editing video. However, for those who want to quickly record a video and quickly upload it to social networking sites, Capture could work well.

Video is becoming more and more popular. Rather than video about your firm and its lawyers, your audience is looking for more creative, informational and entertaining video.

Think recording a quick interview while at a conference and sharing it on Twitter. Or recording a community business leader (perhaps client) receiving a reward and sharing the video on Facebook while tagging the company page where the business person works.

Although it is currently only available for iOS users (go figure that one), Google says an Android version is expected to launch in the near future.