YouTube isn’t just for posting amusing and embarrassing videos. Businesses, including law firms, have found YouTube to be an effective way to demonstrate their expertise, knowledge, and care.

But how does a law firm grow its YouTube audience?

Samantha Murphy (@MurphySamanthaJ), Tech Reporter for Mashable, shares a report from FanBridge on how 100 YouTube channel owners  are growing, retaining, and engaging their audiences.

Like many other marketing tools, YouTube is about quality over quantity.

About 86% of survey respondents said they upload three or fewer videos each week, which places more emphasis on engagement rather than quantity.

Although YouTube channel owners only upload three or fewer videos per week, they are also spending time promoting and sharing their videos across social channels.

  • 46% of channel owners are spending less than 1 hour per week promoting their channels.
  • 39% of channel owners spend between 1 and 8 hours promoting their channels per week.
  • And 15% spend over 8 hours per week promoting their channels.

You can’t assume that viewers are going to come to you. You need to promote your YouTube, especially via social media (blog, Twitter, Facebook) which allows video to spread virally.

  • Channel owners are promoting their videos on other social networking platforms such as Facebook (85%), Twitter (70%), and Google+ (45%)
  • 53% of channel owners are sharing their videos on their own website.
  • Only 26% of channel owners are communicating with their audience via email.

You’ll also grow your YouTube audience through effective engagement. As appropriate, make one of your clients, business associates, community leaders, or association leaders the subject of a video. Answer common questions that you receive from clients and prospective clients, maintaining confidence of course. Reference blog posts from leading bloggers and stories from trade and mainstream media.

The list goes on and on as far as engagement. The key is to show you are listening to your audience first, not just broadcasting. Only then can you truly engage.

Finally ask other businesses how they are growing their YouTube audience. There is a deep and rich YouTube community to tap into. A community that extends across the country – and the world, if you want to go that far.