LinkedIn Law firm MistakesWith more than 2.6 million companies already having a LinkedIn Company Page, it’s become a necessity for law firms to have their own Company Page. With over 190 million professionals using LinkedIn, it’s become a necessity for lawyers to use LinkedIn, not only for a profile, but also for networking.

Martindale-Hubbell was the directory of record for law firms while I was practicing. No longer. LinkedIn draws a greater audience for law firms, includes your clients as fellow members of the network, and includes powerful networking features.

Despite LinkedIn’s business development prowess, most lawyers and law firms have yet to fully leverage LinkedIn for networking, generating leads, learning, and collaborating.

Alyson Shontell (@shontelaylay), Editor at Business Insider, recently spoke with Krista Canfield (@KristaCanfield), LinkedIn’s senior manager of corporate communications, about the 13 most common mistakes she sees businesses make on LinkedIn, and how companies can better utilize the professional network.

Lawyers and law firms are making many of the mistakes.

  1. Your company isn’t even listed on LinkedIn
  2. Your company doesn’t follow competitors on LinkedIn
  3. Your employees haven’t spent much time on their LinkedIn profiles
  4. Your company isn’t sharing the right kind of information at the right time on LinkedIn
  5. Your employees aren’t connecting with each other or swapping information on LinkedIn
  6. You tell employees office gossip is off limits
  7. You’re active on LinkedIn, but no one would know it from your website
  8. You’re not equipping your employees with LinkedIn premium accounts
  9. Your company has a lot of products and services, but you don’t list them all on LinkedIn
  10. You haven’t created an exclusive LinkedIn group for your employees
  11.  You haven’t created a group for your customers either
  12. You don’t participate in group discussions on LinkedIn or, if you do, you’re spamming them
  13. You haven’t gone mobile with LinkedIn

Speaking to lawyers and law firms I tell them LinkedIn is the number one social networking tool they need to get using. LinkedIn is far too powerful to pass on.