The word has gotten around that I am in Honolulu this week. I guess a couple days tweets from Waikiki will gave that away. I am here for a working vacation to present at the ALA (Association of Legal Administrators) Annual Conference as well as to meet a few existing clients and prospective clients of LexBlog’s. ALA’s mission is to promote and enhance the competence and professionalism all members of the legal management team. From my interaction with members in their law offices and presenting at ALA chapters and regional events, I can tell you they are doing a real nice job. ALA members make the world go around for the lawyers in many firms as well as for the clients and business communities their firms serve. Marketing, technology, operations, or leadership – ALA members are doing it all. Great group and organization. I’d welcome grabbing a coffee, beer, or a meal with anyone while you’re here. My email is kevin@lexblog.com and cell to call or text is 206 321 3627. Also feel free to do virtual intro’s of me to someone in your firm who may also be attending. I’m presenting Wednesday afternoon and will be heading over to the Hilton on Monday afternoon for a couple meetings. I may also be around the conference part of Tuesday. But I’m open to getting together anytime. I’m a few hundred yards up the beach at the Outrigger Reef. Hawaii is not an all together bad place to hang out. First time here for both Jill and I. We’re Midwesterners for whom Hawaii is a kind of a once in a life time trip. ;) An ideal vacation day for me is going for a run, going for a swim in the pool (here it’s the ocean), grabbing a bite and a latte, and returning to the pool — or ocean. Read, share a little news on Twitter and maybe do a blog post. Then having a beer and dinner. Rinse and repeat for day two. I am not much for tourist attractions or exerting a lot of energy, other than running, while on vacation. Look forward to meeting some of you.