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How to make full use of your law firm's page on LinkedIn

linked-in law firm company pagePCWorld’s Angela West (@angelawest) had a nice article this morning on setting up a company page on LinkedIn. West detailed how to make full use of a company page, much of which I was not familiar with. There’s some low hanging fruit for law firms looking to make better use their company page on LinkedIn.

  • Enter your firm’s name, email address, logo, description, a blog’s RSS feed, and your firm’s specialities. Use the Google AdWords Keyword suggestion tool to find key phrases for your specialties.
  • Describe your services in detail in the ‘Products & Services’ tab. This tab will help prospective clients find and understand your firm’s business. Don’t copy and paste a long dscriptition from your website. A brief, to the point, preferably one paragraph is preferable.  LinkedIn lets you add videos, name a company contact, and insert other details.
  • You may also add a lawyer contact on the ‘Products & Services’ tab. This will be the only lawyer that visitors to your page will be able to view, unless they have other employees in their personal LinkedIn network.
  • Once you’ve entered your services, ‘Recommend’ and ‘Share’ links appear beneath it.  Ask clients on LinkedIn if they’ll make a recommendation for your firm, which will appear along with a link to their profile in the right-hand sidebar of your product or services page.
  • The ‘Share’ button lets interested people share your services on LinkedIn, or on Twitter if they have added their Twitter account to LinkedIn. Prompt your connections to do so when appropriate.
  • Have the firms lawyers and other professionals add the Company Page to their profiles. Once the company page is created, your firm’s employees may edit their profiles so that the new company page appears. They do so by clicking Edit Profile and then clicking Edit beside their position at your company; once they start typing the name of the company, they can choose the company page. Visitors to their profile may then click over to your company’s page.
  • You may post updates or share news to the company page just as you post updates on your personal LinkedIn page.
  • With a a paid LinkedIn subscription, you may post jobs in the Careers section of your company page.
LinkedIn has over 150 million professionals using the site. Lawyer and law firm profiles come up high in Google searches.
If you are not making full use of LinkedIn’s company page on LinkedIn, you’re missing out on business development opportunities and perhaps even embarrassing your firm.