By Kevin O'Keefe

Who do you meet via Twitter?

Twitter logo Each morning and evening I share via Twitter news and information I’m reading from blogs and mainstream media. It’s how I keep track of information I want to find later and how I keep my followers up to speed on items regarding networking through the net, publishing, legal issues, and technology. In addition sharing information on Twitter provides me a wonderful opportunity to meet people I’d like to get to know. How so?

  • Twitter followers retweet and mark as a favorite tweet the items that I share on Twitter.
  • I see my followers who are doing so. The new Twitter app upgrade on the iPhone and Twitterific on my iPad make doing so a piece of cake.
  • I look at the Twitter profiles of these folks.
  • If they’re legal industry related and/or interesting folks, I follow them. They’ll receive an email or a notice through a Twitter app like the one on my iPhone telling them I followed them.
  • If they look real interesting I’ll look them up on LinkedIn. In a few cases with high profile people I’ll drop them a note through LinkedIn and ask to connect with them in LinkedIn.
  • I’ll often begin to retweet items tweeted by the people I begin to follow like this. They’ll see that I have retweeted them.
  • Whether it’s following them, retweeting their stuff, or connecting via LinkedIn, such engagement often leads to more meaningful engagement and, later on, face to face meetings if we think it’s worthwhile.

Twitter is, of course, a wonderful way to receive relevant timely news and information, but don’t miss the wonderful opportunity Twitter provides you to meet people.

Kevin O'Keefe
About the Author

Trial lawyer turned legal tech entrepreneur, I am the founder and CEO of LexBlog, a legal blog community of over 30,000 blog publishers, worldwide. LexBlog’s publishing platform is used on a subscription basis by over 18,000 legal professionals, including the largest law firm in each India, China and the United States.

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