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LinkedIn Signal : Powerful networking tool to follow relevant discussions

LinkedIn SignalKate Rose of the UK’s Rose McGrory Social Media (@RoseMcGrory), penned a good piece last week on how to use LinkedIn Signals to find the conversations relevant to your business development work.

So, did you know that it’s possible to search the whole of LinkedIn – all the public Group and Update content – for conversations around keywords which are relevant to your business? And not only that, you can also refine the search results by geography, industry, job seniority and more?

It’s done via the LinkedIn’s Signal feature.

  1. Under the “News” heading in the main menu bar, choose the option “Signal” from the drop down menu. This will give you a feed of everything that’s being published, content wise, from people in your personal network.
  2. The real power is in the filters located on the left hand side. The default is set to restrict results to those of your immediate contacts.
  3. Use the filters to pick out precise combinations of a company, location or industry.
  4. Further use the filters to find discussions by topic (hashtag), seniority of people, groups discussing the topic, the school people attended who are discussing a topic.
  5. You’re not limited by the items suggested by LinkedIn in the filters, you can search at each level.

Here’s a brief video from LinkedIn explaining how to use Signal.