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How to get followers of your LinkedIn law firm page

October 11, 2011

Law firms are turning to LinkedIn in a big way. Many law firms are finding LinkedIn to be the profile of record for their lawyers.

And why not? LinkedIn is where their clients have profiles. Business people look each other up on LinkedIn. A lawyer’s LinkedIn profile, with any work on it, is likely to appear higher in search than the lawyer’s bio on their law firm web page.

But what about getting clients, prospective clients, referral sources, business associates, and influencers to to follow your law firm on LinkedIn?

Jeffrey Cohen, Managing Editor of, shares this morning five ways to increase the number of followers of your company, in this case your law firm, on LinkedIn.

  1. Write a blog post. The best way to draw attention to your LinkedIn company page and increase your followers is to write a blog post about LinkedIn in your industry and include a link to your company page. The post is not just a follow my company post, but one that provides some value. It could be the 10 top groups in your industry or a how-to article about growing your business using LinkedIn.
  2. Add a Widget to Your Website. LinkedIn provides an easy way to create a company profile widget that you can put on your website or blog.
  3. Add Company Page Link to Your Email Signature. Email is still the preferred communication medium for most businesses, so don’t miss the opportunity to include a link to your LinkedIn company page at the end of each message. Encourage other employees to do the same.
  4. Add Company Page Link to Your Group Post Signature. LinkedIn power users know that their interaction in LinkedIn Groups facilitate connections that lead to business on the social network. Rather than sign your Group messages with a link to your website, try a link to your company page instead. People in LinkedIn are more likely to view a page in LinkedIn than to leave to go look at your website.
  5. Promote on other social media profiles. You should promote your presence on one social media site on other social media sites. Tweet a link to your LinkedIn company page. Post it on Facebook too. You need to make sure everyone in your universe is aware of this page.

LinkedIn’s use is only going to grow geometrically among law firms. It’s possible we’ll see the day where the LinkedIn profile for a lawyer and law firm is more trusted, and thus more important, than a law firm website and a lawyer’s bio on a law firm website.

What ideas do you have for getting your target audience to follow your law firm’s LinkedIn page?