Real time search came to Google yesterday. Twitter results are now streamed into the top of search results pages so that you can see what people are saying about the subject searched in real time.

Lawyers should not view this as gimmick. Imagine being able to get lawyers’ and business peoples’ reactions to cases, news, and legal stories in real time. Doing so you may be able to find the people with the most knowledge on the subject. Want to get real time information on items being discussed at a conference and who’s discussing them? Turn to real time search at Twitter.

Here’s a YouTube Video depicting the Twitter search results displayed on Google. Below that are three screen shots to show you how you can get to the Twitter results if you are not seeing them on Google.

If you’re not seeing the results, click on the plus sign next to ‘Web,’ as depicted below.

Web show options on Google

You’ll then see a left column displaying search options. Click on the Updates as depicted.

Updates on Google

You’ll then see real time search results referencing ‘Tweets’ referencing ‘LexBlog’ posted my me and three other people.

Real time search results

No one knows how real time search is going to play out, how it’s going to be displayed, and how its going to be used, including Google. And especially legal curmudgeons who question any innovation.

But just as search of the Web had value before Google got the world addicted to search, there’s value in real time search. We’ll be witnesses to how Google and others develop it. We’ll then become addicts all over again.