Skimming through my Twitter legal feeds this afternoon I am struck by the webinars and podcasts on SEO for law firms. SEO demystified. The basics of SEO for lawyers. You name it.

If a Martian came down to earth (they soon will), they’d think the only way lawyers could get work was via something called SEO.

Anyone sharing good insight and commentary online should have their content found on search. That’s a given – and it will.

SEO, no matter what anyone says, is not overly complicated. You need to express insight and commentary (think write in a knowing and authentic fashion), index your content well for the search engines (primarily Google), and grow your influence.

I get that there are 83 other things you may want to worry about and work on from magic key words to meta description to local search.

But at the end of the day, for lawyers, aren’t we really talking about who has the better billboard, yellow page ad, television ad or radio ad? Who’s ad works better? Who pays the most to generate the most leads?

Don’t get me wrong, I bought plenty of ads as a plaintiff’s trial lawyer.

I just found the Internet a great way to avoid advertising. The Internet allowed guys like me in small towns to be one of those “real lawyers,” a “lawyer’s lawyer” and get a reputation and the cases I could have only dreamed of before the net.

So almost two decades into SEO for lawyers, it’s getting old seeing SEO being repeatedly pitched and bought when the Internet allows good lawyers, no matter their law school, no matter where they are located and no matter their resources to make a name for themselves.

I understand advertising is important for many lawyers. I also understand there are some very capable outfits helping lawyers with their SEO so as to deliver on the needed advertsing.

I just don’t understand every lawyer and every promoter of podcasts or webinars getting sucked into the tiring SEO for lawyers game.

  • To me, SEO means “Social Engineering Optimization” ;-)

    • Well said, though I’d just call it caring about others by giving of yourself where others are hanging out on the Internet.

      And I did not mean to diss SEO. Getting found on search is very important. But limiting yourself to getting found to the ways everyone else is doing it is shortsighted and becoming increasingly difficult.

      • @KevinOKeefe:disqus sometimes I think you’re trolling me specifically :)

        • That’s not true, but when penning posts like this I do think of you, how you’ll respond and the good work you do for folks. Really.

          • I sincerely appreciate that. Most of the time, I don’t fundamentally disagree. Just some of the time, some of those sentences. I just have to jump in.

  • I can’t stop thinking about how this post will soon likely rank really well for the keyword “law firm SEO” and LexBlog will get tons of good leads from it :)

    • Unlikely. If we do, we’ll send them to those helping firms who who outsource their marketing. ;)

  • A few more thoughts here because I’m a glutton for punishment. I’ve revised some of the sentence with which I take the most umbrage:

    It is true, the basics of SEO, no matter what anyone says, are not overly complicated. One effective strategy is publishing insight and commentary, making sure your pages are appropriately crawled and indexed, and growing your influence, mostly meaning earning links..

    I would completely strike the stuff about “magic key words.”