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Twitter 101 for law firms and other businesses : From Twitter

Twitter reached out to the business community this past week with a Twitter 101 for businesses at of all places. It’s an excellent resource for lawyers and law firms.

Every day, millions of people use Twitter to create, discover and share ideas with others. Now, people are turning to Twitter as an effective way to reach out to businesses, too. From local stores to big brands, and from brick-and-mortar to internet-based or service sector, people are finding great value in the connections they make with businesses on Twitter.

How does Twitter work for your law firm or businesses?

Twitter is a communications platform that helps businesses and their customers do a number of useful things. As a business, you can use it to quickly share information with people interested in your company, gather real-time market intelligence and feedback, and build relationships with customers, partners and other people who care about your company. As an individual user, you can use Twitter to tell a company (or anyone else) that you’ve had a great–or disappointing–experience with their business, offer product ideas, and learn about great offers.

Sounds a lot like engaging others and building relationships. And isn’t that at the heart of client development for lawyers and law firms?

Twitter’s not something you’ll grasp overnight. That’s okay. 95% of lawyers don’t grasp the concepts of marketing themselves or client development offline either. You learn from trial and error.

Sections of Twitter 101 include:

You can also download the slides or printout a pdf of Twitter 101 a for use in your law firm.