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Published by Kevin O'Keefe, CEO & Founder of LexBlog

Lawyers and legal professionals sound off: How do lawyers use Twitter effectively?

January 26, 2009

Signing up for Twitter is one thing. Using it effectively, whether for client development or simply networking, is another. I asked legal professionals on Twitter how lawyers use Twitter effectively. Here are the responses:

  • Connie Bensen, a community strategist in Minnesota (@cbensen): I use Twitter for tech support :) I have very geeky friends who are quite knowledgeable.
  • Gabe Acevedo, attorney and E-Discovery consultant in Washington, DC (@GabeAcevedo): There are many ways to use Twitter effectively. To me, interacting with other members just as important as promotion/marketing.
  • Bob Ambrogi, Rockpot, MA, lawyer, writer and media consultant (@bobambrogi): How lawyers can use Twitter: see my ‘Tweet 16’.
  • Connecticut employment lawyer Dan Schwartz (@ctemplawyer): It depends. Lawyers use twitter differently based on the audience they are trying to reach. No 1 right way.
  • David Harlow, health care lawyer, consultant and blogger (@healthblawg): See my recent Mass Bar Assn twitter article and social media presentation.
  • Gordon Gates, Maine social security disability lawyer (@gordongates): For real lawyers with a blog, displaying your twitter feed on blog gives your readers updates between “regular” blog posts.
  • Timothy Corcoran, New Jersey-based legal marketing, technology and business management executive (@tcorcoran): Effective Twittering: Share learnings, spot trends, meet like minds, glimpse personalities. Clients hire who they like & trust.
  • Jennifer Gumbel, Minnesota estate planning attorney, (@jgumbel): networking… see 10 character answer :)
  • Doug Cornelius, chief compliance officer at Boston real estate company, (@dougcornelius): Twitter effectively?: Connect, Communicate, Contribute.
  • Nancy Myrland, professional marketing advisor, (@nancymyrland): People want 2 do business w/people they like & trust. Twitter helps us share so clients can see, meet, like & trust. 
  • Roy Mura, Buffalo, NY, insurance coverage and fraud lawyer, (@royamura): I’m a newbie, but am using Twitter for the most current updates/info on legal issues and…to microblog insurance coverage articles and case decisions to my niche blog that I’m not writing full posts on.
  • Josh Fruchter, New York-based founder of eLawMarketing and publisher of LawyerCasting (@joshfruchter): Monitor conversations in your area of expertise and offer insight when an opportunity arises.
  • Susan Jacobsen, PR/communications director in Washington, DC (@LUV2XLPR): Strengthening relationships/establishing trust by sharing knowledge & new insights. A trusted business advisor. 
  • Eric Grindley, Florida real estate litigation lawyer (@LawandLegal): Twitter is used effectively by allowing attorneys to interact with clients, referral sources, friends, and colleagues.
  • Gregory Nerland, California business litigation and consulting attorney (@gnerland): Effectiveness is in the eye of the beholder – twitter as advertising – no; twitter as word of mouth – yes.
  • Nicole Black, Rochester, NY, attorney, legal writer and blogger (@nikiblack): Twitter & most forms of social media are effective only if user is comfortable & enjoys the interface.