By Kevin O'Keefe

Twitter demographics : More business people than kids

Twitter demographicsJust anecdotal evidence, but I find Twitter users a fairly affluent and upwardly mobile group. They tend toward being business people, as opposed to kids.

I’ve been following a TweetDeck RSS feed of a Bainbridge Island Twitter Search and a Seattle Twitter Search for the last month. Bainbridge Island being the 22,000 person Island on which we live, and Seattle being where I work and the Northwest’s leading population center.

Bainbridge Island is easy to follow. There aren’t as many ‘tweets’ mentioning Bainbridge. When I see a local business person who looks interesting I begin to follow them on Twitter. It’s probably up to half a dozen by now. Though we’ve yet to meet, I’ve exchanged direct Twitter messages with a couple folks.

These people are interesting business professionals. One is with a large PR and marketing firm which, among other things, does work with the technology industry. Another is a principal in a company providing ancillary services to hundreds of radio stations around the country.

Following ‘Seattle’ is a little tougher. There are hundreds of ‘tweets’ a day mentioning Seattle – whether by locals on there way to a meet up of tech professionals or people flying into Seattle for business or pleasure. I only browse a portion of those search results once a day or even once every 2 or 3 days.

But in that browsing I’ve not only met people I am now following, but I’ve been turned onto upcoming events of interest that I would have never known of but for Twitter. In one case I ‘direct tweeted’ a person who just moved to Seattle to head up a new group at Microsoft. On another occasion I connected with a leader in the Search Engine Optimization industry.

And this doesn’t include the local Seattle lawyers I am making connections with via Twitter.

While there are plenty of ‘tweets’ from tourists and people passing the time, what I see, or at least what I am attracted to is a somewhat affluent and upwardly mobile group.

It may be ‘Tweets aren’t just for kids.’

Kevin O'Keefe
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