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Twitter use among legal professionals is growing : I’m meeting a lot of folks

August 23, 2008

Twitter for lawyersThe more I use Twitter, the more of you in the legal community follow me via Twitter. Guess that’s not surprising in that Twitter’s set up to work that way.

But what it is surprising, at least to me, is the growing number of legal professionals beginning to use Twitter. Lawyers, paralegals, marketing/business development/communications folks, legal services vendors, what have you. I’m getting multiple emails a day saying you’re following me on Twitter.

Like a lot of things we’ve come to use on the net, the first time you look at Twitter you’ll think it’s the stupidest thing that’s come down the pike, ‘I’ll never use it.’ But Twitter grows on you – in a good way.

As in social conversation offline, and like Shel Israel says, small talk leads to big things. Something as innocuous as my tweet (definition of text into Twitter) from Wrigley Field can lead to a business call (and new business) the next week. Why? Because the person following me and I had a common interest in the Cubs.

I’m getting to know a lot of you a lot better than was ever before possible through Twitter. I think that’s good. And I’ll get to meet many of you in my travels around the country – some by tweeting that we’re getting to getting together for beers somewhere close by.

For those of you new to Twitter who can’t figure it all out. That’s okay. Like all the other stuff on the net, it’s like skiing or riding a bike for the first time, it requires going out and ‘doing it’ for you to pick it up and begin to enjoy Twitter.

I’ll confess that I thought Twitter was the lamest thing I ever saw 3 or 4 months ago. ‘Who cares if your cat rolled over?’ But finding the ‘Tweets’ were at a different level, many sharing interesting news and information, and the breaking of the China earthquake news on Twitter before the media broke the story had me looking closer at Twitter.

I’m not looking to brag about having a 1,000 or more folks following me on Twitter. But if you want to follow me on Twitter, you can follow me here. It’ll be good to get to know you better.

Twhirl for twitters and lawyersPS – If you’re going to test Twitter, I suggest downloading Twhirl, a desktop application that allows you to use Twitter much much more effectively than with your Twitter home page.