By Kevin O'Keefe

Alexis Martin Neely : Presenting at Small Firm and Solo Conference in LA

You don’t learn how to succeed in the business of practicing law by following lawyers, you need to learn from the leaders in the business world. This from Alexis Martin Neely speaking this morning at the Small Firm and Solo Conference put on by the Rainmaker Institute and the LA County Bar.

I couldn’t agree more with Alexis. Took me 13 years of practicing law before I started wondering if there was something more to law. There had to be something more personally rewarding from practicing law that I was missing the boat on. There had to be a way I could do the work I wanted to do for the clients I wanted to represent so I could make a difference in people’s lives. And not have to worry about money, overhead, and where the next client was coming from.

If these are the types of things you worry or wonder about, check out what Alexis is doing. Better yet, catch a presentation by Alexis. Rob La Gatta or I will try to catch up with Alexis to interview her on her 6 keys to success in the business of practicing law.

Per Alex, it’s all about living the life you want to lead. Achieving this means understanding that the law is a business and learning how to run a business. Better yet, by doing so you’re going to make a difference in others’ lives and improve the image of our legal profession.

I’ve been following discussion of Alexis on the blogpshere, seeing her on the Today Show earlier this month and via her Twitter feeds. She’s really a wonderful person and lawyer — and business person.

Kevin O'Keefe
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