The number of lawyers using Twitter as a social networking tool is starting to grow.

Seeing them all trying to figure out what Twitter is, I thought Common Craft must have kicked out a Twitter in plain english. Sure enough.

  • shg

    Too much info already. Twitter? Way too much. There’s just not enough time in the day to do it, no less follow it.

  • That’s what I have always thought Scott and I have not tried to participate in Twitter from day to day.
    I am starting to see how it fits in as way to find out more of people’s interests. Blog for me tends to be at a professional level where Twitter we may learn of sports intersts, family interests etc – that’s if you’re willing to share those things with people who follow you.
    Comes in spurts. Good example is watching sports and folks like me commenting on a game. As a result of Twitter, I’ve come to know Shel Israel is a sports fan.

  • Not enough time in the day? This is exactly where twitter comes into play.
    I have a reader with a slew of feeds and numerous email subscriptions. I’ve started to follow twitter to a greater degree and have found it to be chock full of information. The speed of delivery and the forced message length fit perfectly into my daily “bandwidth.”
    I’ve found several law marketers on-line, along with a good number of attorneys and a biglaw CIO. So far, I’ve only discovered one firm, but this resource in its infancy.

  • Now On Twitter

    I’ve been on Twitter for awhile, but only recently became more active with the site. Click here to follow me through twitter. I am going to try to post any updates on California employment law in twitter, as well as…