It’s widely accepted by the legal community that legal blogs achieve higher search engine rankings than law firm websites. Some law firms are even finding launching blogs a more cost effective means of achieving an effect Internet presence than hiring SEO experts to increase the rankings of their website.

Julie Batten at The ClickZ Network sheds some light on why blogs achieve higher rankings.

  • A high number of inbound links (with keyword-rich anchor text).
  • A lot of keyword-rich textual content, with typically a distinct lack of Flash and other non-textual content.
  • An inherent structure that enables the spider to both find and understand site content (e.g., posts are descriptively titled, organized by topical areas, and linked to in a logical manner).
  • A high propensity for being found through popular blog directories or search engines, such as Technorati.

Of course, as Batten notes, Internet users will still need to determine the credibility of websites or blogs at the top of Google’s search results. But as a lawyer blogging on a niche topic for which you have first hand expertise, you’re a pretty credible source. For Google looking to get get credible informative sites to the top of its search results, mission accomplished.